Hampton Roads Black Homeschool Educators

Our organization is all about you, the homeschool family. Hampton Roads Black Home Educators (HRBHE) is an all inclusive network of homeschool families in the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.

Since 2008, more than 600 families have joined the HRBHE network. HRBHE serves families who choose to home school by networking through parent planned activities, community events and Facebook Groups .

We invite you to join us for home school enrichment programs, park days, field trips, Mother’s night out, family nights, teen groups, and more. 

Be sure to sign-up to receive information on upcoming events.  

Everyone offers something special to our group. Parents are encouraged to share their homeschool experiences, ideals and resources.  I am a veteran homeschooler with  20+ years homeschool experience.  My husband and partner has years of teaching experience, not only as an Associate Professor at Southern University but also as a flight instructor for the US Navy.

Volunteers, planners and coordinators are highly encouraged to join in. As a member of HRBHE you are part of a T.E.A.M. (Together Each Achieves More)  Together, we provide the right opportunities to lift our children to the highest levels of achievement.  Join us in our common goal of educating our kids for excellence.


Warmest regards,

Checwanda McMahon

[email protected]

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